Kiss of the Night (Dark Hunter #4)

Kiss of the Night (Dark-Hunter, #4)Kiss of the Night Summary:
What do you get when you have an immortal Viking warrior no one can remember five minutes after he leaves their presence, and a demon on the run for her life who is being pursued by one seriously pissed-off demigod?

That would be my life.

It started out simple enough. One night I went to save a woman in trouble. The next thing I knew, the doorway to hell had opened and out stepped Daimons- soul-sucking vampires the likes of which I’d never seen before. Led by the son of Apollo, they are out to end the curse that has banished them all to darkness. The only problem with that is they have to kill Cassandra Peters to do it and if she dies, so dies the sun, the earth and all who dwell here. Life’s just a bowl full of cherries, ain’t it?

Brought together by fate, it’s now my job to protect a daughter of the very race I have been hunting for centuries. Neither of us dares to trust the other. But if we don’t find a way to overcome our differences and to bridge thousands of years of animosity, we won’t die alone. We’ll take the entire world with us.

Wulf Tryggvasen

Kiss of the Night Review:
Getting off the high from the last book, Kiss of the Night was lagging a little behind in my tastes. The book started off well enough. A bad ass hero meets the heroine and from there starts their star-crossed love story. I loved how we get to see in they eyes of an apollite and the problems they face on a regular basis. How they have to leave their families so soon and how they have to painfully disintegrate when they turn 27. It was heartbreaking it was nice to see why they live the way they do. What I didn't like was the how Wulf had treated Cassandra throughout the beginning of the book. While he was open to the ideas of her race, he was very close-minded about falling in love with one.

Like every other Kenyon book there is a lot of mythology to keep up with, not even close to how much comes later on in the books but still a lot, and this can pull the plot a little to thin. The first half of the book was centered on the characters meeting while he saves her from daimons. This leads to a few more interactions and we see why Wulf is so isolated and has very few friends outside of the DH community. While his story was sad, it was nowhere as close to as Cassandra's. She lost her family because of the curse of the daimons and will soon die. To make matters worse she has to move in with strangers to protect the people she loves. This first part was a little bit eye-rolling and a little bit unbelievable

*Spoiler warning* She got pregnant in a dream that was supposed to be a fantasy but was somehow reality. And Wulf managed to get his soul switched around to Loki then Artemis or something like that, and readers are left confused how her turned into a DH. On top of that, if his soul was gone, he wouldn't be able to have kids since he never had any with the other women he did sleep with. Somehow though, Cassandra got pregnant and none of this was really explained. *Spoiler Warning Over*

Luckily, all those events took a back seat to the actual problem and we dived into the action.

Being chased by Spathi Demons, meeting an Apollite community and getting to see the old characters helping out Wulf was wonderful. Kenyon does have a astounding ability to show both sides of the story. It was great to see how Kyrian, Zarek, Talon and Jullian were doing with their families, especially with Kyrian! And it was amazing to Simi in all her glory as well! Not only did she redeem the apollites, but also the daimons including the Spathi. Full of adventure, close-calls and a heartbreaking end. And I mean a truly heart-breaking end, it left me at least eagerly awaiting the next book.

I would recommend this book to DH fans and anyone interested in fantasy. This book, even with its slow plot line and seemingly unimportant characters, is actually very necessary for the series. It helps in the world building and teaches us once again why the daimons and human's situation is so hopeless, and something big is going to have to be done to change it.

Overall I would give this a 4-4.5 stars! Not bad but could have been much better!

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