Seize the Night (Dark Hunter #6)

Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter, #7)Seize the Night Summary:
Hail Glorious Reader:

I was born the noble son of a legendary Roman senator. I walked through the ancient world as a general, admired and supreme until a brutal betrayal caused me to bargain my soul. Now I'm an immortal Dark-Hunter, bound to protect mankind from the evil scourge that haunts it. Over the centuries, I've seen many frightening things: plagues, pestilence, disco music...

And now Tabitha Devereaux. A human, she has trained herself to fight vampires every bit as capably as any Dark-Hunter. Idiosyncratic and off-beat, she is my personal bane-and yet she beguiles me. There are only two small problems. She happens to be the twin of my mortal enemy's wife. More than that, Tabitha and her sister are being stalked by a power that will not rest until everyone she holds dear is dead.

Unlike my Dark-Hunter brethren, I rely on no one but myself. They spurned me and I turned my back on them. But the only way to save Tabitha and her family is to find some way to bridge a two thousand-year-old feud.

They say opposites attract, but can they stay together when even the Fates conspire to keep them apart? Then again, the Fates have never dealt with the likes of Tabitha Devereaux before. They're going to be in for quite a fight...

--Valerius Magnus

Seize the Night Review:
Yes!! We finally got a female on the cover! I kinda wish we could see Val on the cover but it's about time we got a female on their! Anyways, back to the actual story. I loved it because we got to see the enemy of Kyrian and his life. After this I kinda felt like all these immortals are like children. While they are hundreds or thousands of years old and mature in many aspects of life, they can hold a grudge to rival a three year old. And the whole time they have been dead, they have fostered a hatred for their enemies that are most likely dead or to a whole group of people that largely did nothing to them. I wish some of them could grow up, but I also understand why them might hold on to this.

Tabitha was a strong character that was somewhat of a Mary Sue and Buffy. She kicked butt and took names, while still handing out food to the homeless. Misunderstood by most people around her she has a somewhat isolated life, yet also a wild one. Valerius is the opposite completely isolated and uptight he doesn't know what friends mean and has a deep guilt of killing everyone he else he has loved. The way these two meet is hilarious and is a throwback to how Tabitha meets Kyrian! Stabbing him through the chest, what better way to get up close and personal with someone! After this, they have to fight killer Daimons, some from Night Pleasures, their own family and some very serious enemies that could potentially kill Ash. Very serious compared to the last book, that was more of a love story. While his story wasn't as tragic as Zarek's before his death, it was heartbreaking to see how he was treated when he became a DH. Spurned by everyone just because he was Roman, even when he tried t apologize or repay debt. I would hope by the end of the series, Valerius can make friends with the ones who spurned him.

The love story between the two was different. The were COMPLETE opposites but they balanced each other. Tabitha would always stun Valerius with her actions and teach him to let go of the shell of his old life. And he manages to bring her back a bit. She is a little hypocritical and cocky at the beginning of the book but Valerius manages to teach her something and she comes to accept herself better. And together they are an unstoppable couple.

"Life is serious."
"No," she said, her passion glowing in her blue gaze. "Life is and adventure. It's thrilling and scary. Sometimes it's even a bit boring, but is should never be serious."

The action was breathtaking, both in a good and bad way. I love Kenyon for the fact that she was willing to sacrifice some very important and lovable characters to create a realistic story. But it was also because of this, we get a startling lesson how quickly a life can be taken from us and how powerful a word can be. While I was thankful that Ash saved that day, it did come off a bit godly that with a snap of his fingers some people's lives could be fixed. I know that every single character was still traumatized by the events, but I was a little skeptical when

*SPOILER WARNING* almost everyone became immortal. *END OF SPOILERS*

Overall it was a pretty great book. Mind you, the book started off with a lot of look based love but it is PNR so you kinda got to get used to it. Thankfully it got a lot better throughout the book! Oh, and the wedding scene was a great way to close of their love story! I give it a 4.5-5 star rating!

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