Night Play (Dark Hunter #5)

Night Play (Dark-Hunter #5, Were-Hunter #1)Night Pleasures Summary:
New Orleans. Bride McTierney, dumped by ex after 5 years constantly criticizing her lush size, finds her knight in shining armor is a wolf in white fur. Vane Kattalakis 400+ years hides with comatose brother Fang from enemies in were-bear family Sanctuary. But matching palm marks mean Bride and Vane are mates. He has 3 weeks to finish the ceremony or live impotent.

Night Play Review:
This book was fantastic! Most PNR deal with a woman who is beautiful and has a perfect body. For the average female reader this may seem a goal that we cannot reach. This book, though deal with that problem. Like Fantasy Lover, Bride from Night Play is not comfortable with how she looks. Being verbally abused by her 5 year boyfriend about her weight, you can see why she would feel this way. While many people had a problem with her shaming herself over and over again, you have to understand her mind set. A woman who was constantly told she was too fat to be seen in public and was shamed for her weight does not suddenly change in her way of thinking when her life changes. Being in her situation once in my life, I understand how hard it is to deal with thoughts like that and once you get into a position like that it is hard to see the light. Sometimes you need help, in the book it was through Vane that she could see her worth. While it may seem bad that a gorgeous man had to come around to show her worth. It is also because he is a gorgeous man that you can see he doesn't care about looks to match his own. And it's not only him but her friends, family, Vane's family and the last scene where she fights for Fang that create a new beliefs that she is worth it. For that I give props to Ms.Kenyon for writing such a book.

The actually book started off a little rough. I mean within the first 40 pages or so, they have already slept together and are mated, Bride doesn't know this yet. It was ridiculous and this is after she had just broken up. Not that you can't go out right after, but for some reason I couldn't believe she would do that. Literally right after she met him. From this point on though, it was amazing. It was about Vane trying to court Bride into not only believing that they are destined for each other but that the supernatural exist and she has been a part of it longer than she thinks.

I'll give you this quote to show you how funny this whole process was:

"I need dating advice. Fast."
Ash arched a single brow at that. "I'm useless. I've never been on one."
The three human men turned to gape at him.
"What?" Ash asked them defensively.
Nick started laughing. "Oh man, this is priceless. Don't tell me the great Acheron is a virgin?"
Ash gave him a droll look. "Yeah, Nick. I'm lily-white."
"How did you get through life without a date?" Kyrian asked Ash.
"It wasn't an issue back then," Ash said curtly.
"Yeah, well, it's a serious issue to me," Vane said, nearing them. "Julian, how did you meet your wife?"
Julian shrugged. "My brother the sex god cursed me into a book for two thousand years. Grace got drunk on her birthday and summoned me out of it."
Vane rolled his eyes. "That's useless. Kyrian? What about you?"
"I woke up handcuffed to Amanda."
Vane could work with that. "So I need to get a set of handcuffs?"

It was really funny to see Vane asking the DH for dating advice, when clearly none of them had any. And take into account that Ash and Nick tried to help as well and failed miserably! It took Amanda and Grace stepping to give Vane a chance with bride. And he aced it! Their love story was believable and this book is a top favorite because both characters are believable in their actions. If only all books could be like this, but alas we wouldn't be able to find gems like this. The action and mythology had taken a back seat and because of this we could focus more on the couple and other characters. It was a wonderful read and I would recommend this to everyone!

Overall rating of 5 stars!

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