Vampire Bites (Drake Chronicles #3.5, 4.5, 0.1, 0.5)

Vampire Bites: A Taste of the Drake Chronicles (Drake Chronicles, #3.5, #4.5, #0.1, #0.5)Vampire Bites Summary:
Devour three darkly romantic adventures and sharpen your knowledge of how to catch a vampire - and perhaps a handsome Drake brother of your own - in this breathtaking bind-up, only available in eBook format.

A Killer First Date: Lucy Hamilton in mad about her best friend's brother, Nicholas Drake. Who wouldn't be? He's super sexy and deliciously dangerous. And Nicholas thinks Lucy is hot too. But what with all the life-and-death drama in their hometown of Violet Hill lately, they've not been on a first date - not officially. It's time they got away from it all. But that's easier said than done when your boyfriend was born into an ancient vampire dynasty . . .

A Field Guide to Vampires: Annotated by Lucy Hamilton: Every new recruit to the Helios-Ra Society is issued this guidebook, with secrets to the inner workings of the vampires they are hunting. But when new recruit Lucy Hamilton gets her hands on a copy, she can't help but add a few notes of her own. After all, she has first-hand knowledge of the various vampire societies that often contradicts the conventional wisdom of her new academy.

Corsets and Crossbows: It is 1816 and it's time to make room for new traditions! Rosalind Wild thinks it's time for the Helios-Ra to give full membership to the female descendants of the society. So when Rosalind interrupts a plot to assassinate the leader of the Helios-Ra, she sees an opportunity to prove her worth. But she never expected the assassin to be someone so irresistible, and off-limits. Written as a series of letters to a close confidante, this e-novella gives a glimpse of the early days of the vampire-hunting society as seen through the eyes of the feisty ancestor of Hunter Wild, Quinn Drake's girlfriend.

Lost Girls: The fight between Drakes and vampires starts here! The thrilling story of how Liam Drake met his perfect match.

Vampire Bites Review:
A short little ebook that gives you a quick and funny view on the world of the Drakes.Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere! Still awesome though!

Alyxandra Harvey Collection (Drake Chronicles #1-3; Haunting Violet #1)

Alyxandra Harvey Collection Summary:
Alyxandra Harvey 4 Books Set includes:

The Drake Chronicles, Books #1-3
My Love Lies Bleeding (Drake Chronicles, #1)
Blood Feud (Drake Chronicles, #2)
Out for Blood (Drake Chronicles, #3)

Haunting Violet, Book #1
Haunting Violet

Alyxandra Harvey Collection Review:
This another great collection to have that gives you the openers on two of her series.

Ruling Passion (Drake Chronicles #1-3)

Ruling Passion (Drake Chronicles, #1-3)Ruling Passion Summary:
This book is a combination of the first three Drake Chronicles stories: Hearts at Stake, Blood Feud, and Out of Blood.

Ruling Passion Review:
If you read my previous reviews you would know I LOVED this series!! And I loved that you could get it in this convenient bundle. I highly recommend this series to anyone!

Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles #4)

Bleeding Hearts (The Drake Chronicles, #4)Bleeding Hearts Summary:
The Drakes and friends will be tested when an infestation of deadly vampires threatens Violet Hill Lucy’s cousin Christabel has come to live in Violet Hill, and adjusting to the difference between life in a small mountain town and her home in the city is difficult enough. The strict curfew that Lucy’s parents enforce is the worst part. Something really dangerous couldn’t possibly happen in this tiny town. But Christabel has noticed some mysterious happenings, and it seems like Lucy, her boyfriend Nicholas and his brother Connor are all in on a secret that Christabel doesn’t understand—one that seems deadly serious. Although she won’t admit it, Christabel would love to be in on any secret with Connor Drake. But when she is kidnapped by the ruthless Hel-Blar vampires, Christabel must cause more and more trouble in Violet Hill, Lucy and Connor finally fill Christabel in on all the unread drama. Together, they must find a way to stamp out the Hel-Blar for good.

Bleeding Hearts Review:
This book is a love story but it is much darker than the previous three novels. It focuses on Connor, Quinn's Twin and Christabel, Lucy's cousin. Their both nerds and even though they are different types it kinda does work cause their both in stories. How could you not love them?

This book focuses on another vampire tribe, the Na-Foir who are somewhat like the Hel-Bar. With this fourth book, Alxyandra Harvey manages to get into depth on the last vampire tribe that was left a mystery. The Na-Foir are almost like the Hel-Bar but were saved before completely turning. This brings an important idea that even the damned can be saved or at least controlled. This is shown time and time again and gives into the idea to not judge a book by it's cover. The Na-Foir may look somewhat like the Hel-Bar yet there are distinctions that show their struggles and how they are fighting for equality.

We are introduced to a new character Christabel. After I read this book I realized that if she marries Connor and Lucy marries Nicholas it may be like incest considering the two families are marrying into each other twice. I know a weird thought. Anyway back to the characters. Christabel is a kick-ass heroine just like the previous girls. She can be fierce but is vulnerable on the inside because of her mother's issues. Another perfect example of the Hamiltons. On the other hand there is Connor who is more quiet, laid-back and smart. But even if he can be brought to the edge when Christabel is kidnapped and attacked. We also see a whole new side of Lucy. she is still feisty and determined but she shows some more vulnerability. She feels like she's losing part of her family and in a way she is. With these two characters and an additional POV from Lucy, this book is incredibly enticing and full of action.

Now to talk about Solange since she is just too much to talk about in a sentence. Here you REALLY see the differences from the first book and how little control she has over herself. She befriends people who put her in danger and turns on the people who are supposed to protect her. She did a 360 degrees within her character and you can't help but get irritated at her but you realize that there is something much more darker forcing her. Luckily, this is still pretty awesome cause you know something is brewing within her and once it's unleashed it's going to be amazing.

Finally, there is the Blood Moon. It is also the fifth book but it is the time when every vampire tribe comes together to form alliances. It's sure to have some interesting conflicts with Solange acting the way she does and new players hiding in the shadows.

In all honesty, this book is absolutely amazing and I HIGHLY recommend this series. The stakes are constantly rising. Characters turn on each other. New cards are put on the table. And everything is coming together to form the epic conclusion.

Out for Blood (Drake Chronicles #3)

Out for Blood  (The Drake Chronicles, #3)Out for Blood Summary:
Hunter Wild is the youngest in a long line of elite vampire hunters, a legacy that is both a blessing and a curse at the secret Helios-Ra Academy, where she excels at just about everything. Thanks to her friendship with Kieran Black, Hunter receives a special invitation to attend the coronation of Helena Drake, and for the first time, she sees the difference between vampires that must be hunted and vampires that can become friends—or even more. When students at the academy fall victim to a mysterious illness, Hunter suspects they are under attack from within. She will need someone she can trust to help her save the future of Helios-Ra . . . help that shockingly comes in the form of Quinn Drake, a drop-dead gorgeous vampire. Who said senior year would be easy?

Out For Blood Review:
This books follows the story of the fourth Drake brother along with an introduction into another society. We have faced the Hounds, the Hel-Bar, and the royal bloodlines. What we haven't gone into detail yet is the humans who have helped make the Drake's the ruling family. The Helios-Ra are named after sun gods which are allergic to vampires. Meaning they are the bane of the vampires. This was until now because of the new treaty. With every installment of the series we get to see more of the treaty and battles fall into place that is leading up to the epic climax.

We have Quinn's story which for sure will bring about many girls as he is the most flirty and energetic of all of the brothers. Like the last book the two love interests are complete opposites but it is because of this that they match. It was amazing to read this as we get a deep history of these humans. (If you want an even better history of the Wild family read Corsets and Crossbows which brings about some very interesting turns). Hunter is the last of one of the most prestigious families in the Helios-Ra. She is fiercely independent and loyal but is not without her moments of vulnerability. When she's paired up with the enigmatic Quinn, things take a turn for the dangerous. One a vampire and one a vampire hunter they don't always see eye to eye. This deals with more turmoil than the other two books and causes Hunter to look at herself to see who she really is. You see her develop from a follower of the organization to one who is willing to put herself at risk to save the people she loves. Even if it means turning her back on what she's known for her life. Quinn like all the Drake brothers doesn't have much of a change in character except they are adapting to the situations they are put into and their true characters are revealed. Quinn can be shown as supportive and a killer in one sweep.

On the other hand, this story wasn't just about Quinn and Hunter. We also have Solange we is getting closer to going into a blood frenzy. And it takes a turn for the worse when she grows three sets of fangs. It evens manages to get in more of the Drake family. Bringing some much needed humor with Lucy locking Nicholas in the closet this time. Something big is sure to happen when Solange is going mad, and the Helios-Ra is facing a rebellion. Out for Blood will keep you one your toes for sure waiting for the next bomb to drop. A book that has surpassed Blood Feud and Hearts at Stake.


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Blood Feud (Drake Chronicles #2)

Blood Feud (Drake Chronicles, #2)Blood Feud Summary:
It’s been centuries since Isabeau St. Croix barely survived the French Revolution. Now she’s made her way back to the living and she must face the ultimate test by confronting the evil British lord who left her for dead the day she turned into a vampire. That’s if she can control her affection for Logan Drake, a vampire whose bite is as sweet as the revenge she seeks. The clans are gathering for Helena’s royal coronation as the next vampire queen, and new alliances are beginning to form now that the old rifts of Lady Natasha’s reign have started to heal. But with a new common enemy, Leander Montmarte—a vicious leader who hopes to force Solange to marry him and usurp the power of the throne for himself — the clans must stand together to preserve the peace he threatens to destroy.

This second adventure in the Drake Chronicles—told from both Logan’s and Isabeau`s perspectives — has all the same butt-kicking action, heart-pounding romances and snarky humor that readers loved in Hearts at Stake, as well as exciting new revelations about the vampire dynasties to keep readers coming back for more.

Blood Feud Review:
We know have the POV of the next brother in the Drake family. At this point it had everyone's hopes that each brother would get their own story. Now back to the story.

This story further delves into the vampire world. As we were introduced to the different families and clans in the past book, we know leave the royal families and focus on the Hounds. The Hounds are unwilling to be ruled but are willing to create a partnership with the ruling family. This creates much more excitement as we get to meet two new kick-ass characters while seeing the evolution the vampires.

Blood Feud was written in sections instead of just POVs. We had flashbacks of Isabeau's life that meshed perfectly with the future. This gave a much need background on the Hounds and Grayhaven. And it gives a little bit of a history lesson on the side! Through the POVs you get to see the differences in the two characters and all the little tidbits that will change how the story will turn out to be.

This sequel brings about the same amount of action and romance without one being to over-powering. We get to see the continued relationships between Lucy & Nicholas and Solange & Kieran. Lucy and Nicholas of course always bring humor along as Nicholas goes as far as too lock Lucy in a closet to protect her. Putting away all the humor. Solange's life is getting higher stakes. She is getting closer and closer to blood lust that is getting dangerous for anyone around her, though the consequences aren't shown yet.

The stakes keep getting upped as Montmartre and his army is still plotting for the throne and the only one to overthrow them is Logan and Isabeau. They are polar opposites yet are kindred spirits and can lean on each other when the going get's tough. Logan stays the same as he did from the first book but you do get too see him in some pretty awesome action scenes. One where he nearly dies. Isabeau on the other hand is more of developed character. This is because she had a hard past that she can't let go of and a hatred that has ruled her every thought. We see her cave towards Logan's charms and yet gaining her freedom from her nightmares.

With the introduction of the Hounds we see a heavy amount of magic. Something that will definitely play a very serious role in the rest of the series. And with the addition of new players in the war there is sure to be an awesome sequel. I loved this book a little bit more than the first novel just because I could understand all the different parties involved. Once again a great novel by Alyxandra Harvey.

Hearts at Stake (Drake Chronicles #1)

My Love Lies Bleeding (Drake Chronicles, #1)Hearts at Stake Summary:
On Solange`s sixteenth birthday, she is going to wake up dead. As if that’s not bad enough, she also has to outwit her seven overprotective older brothers, avoid the politics involved with being the only daughter born to an ancient vampire dynasty, and elude Kieran Black—agent of an anti-vampire league who is searching for his father’s killer and is intent on staking Solange and her entire family. Luckily she has her own secret weapon—her human best friend Lucy. Lucy is willing to defend Solange`s right to a normal life, whether she’s being smothered by her well-intentioned brothers or abducted by a power-hungry queen. Two unlikely alliances are formed in a race to save Solange`s eternal life—Lucy and Solange`s brother Nicholas, and Solange and Kieran Black — in a dual romance that is guaranteed to jump start any romance-lover’s heart

Hearts at Stake Review:
This is one of the books that started on the path to YA. Up until here I was mainly reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. I practically read all the series 10 times each. So this book was a very nice change of pace.

The best was to summarize this book was that it was cute. Exceptionally cute and a great way to break into the YA genre. It's filled with just the right amount of humour, action and romance. I was first intrigued by the title because there was a pun right in the trial. And at this point I had watched the Twilight series (not proud I judged the series based on that but still...) and I didn't want another vampire series just like that. WELL I got what I wished for and found this as any amazing take on vampires. The vampires in this were actually believable! They did not glow, needed blood to survive and could get addicted to human blood.

In addition there was a new vampire history that was included. Instead of all the vampires being run-in-the-mill kind of there was monarchy here. There is a queen chosen by the person who can defeat the previous queen. Then there are the royal bloodlines that are the longest line of born vampires. The Drake's - this is Solange's family - are in exile because Solange is supposed to take the throne through a prophecy. On top of that there are three types of vampires as of right now. The Hel-Bar which are mad vampires that are the nightmares of a vampires. The Hounds who live in the caves and have two to three fangs. These vampires believe in magic and they are pretty awesome. Lastly there are the normal vampires who interact with humans. It does get a little complicated but it's only in the first novel so you just have to keep it together for now. Overall pretty cool idea that somehow seems similar to Vampire Academy.

The book was written with two POVs. Solange Drake and Lucky "Lucy" Hamilton. Solange is prophesied to the be the new queen and this really spikes up her life as everyone who isn't her family wants her dead or a tool to become queen. It brings about a lot of humour as she is constantly trying to fight her destiny and her 7 overbearing brothers! One part where Solange was being tested by the matriarch of her family really stuck with me,

“Her lips pursed. My palms went damp. Her fangs were out, as pointed and delicate as little bone daggers. "That’s disappointing, Solange."
"I was going to die because I couldn’t embroider roses on a pillow.”

While Solange is very quiet and reserved, Lucy is loud and rambunctious. She loves to have fun and even though she really isn't part of the Drake family, they love her as if she was their own. The romance between her and Nicholas was very funny and interesting. One funny quote I remember was,

“Why are you limping like that?' Nicholas demanded.
'I'm swaggering,' I informed him.
'You look like you're wearing a diaper." 

Now these weren't the only characters. There was the Drake family along the Kieran Black, the Hamilton family. There was also a number of bad guys as well (I say bad guys cause some of them were pretty weird). I really loved the Drake family and I am eagerly awaiting more tidbits from the series. They are a tight packed group and are about to go through hell. This book was AMAZING and it's on of my top favourites. And to this date it still hasn't been matched by many other books! I recommend this to people who want a much better version of vampires or want to be introduced into YA.