World War Z

I watched World War Z awhile back an decided I would post a review. The zombie apocalypse is a very worn out topic for me, but I find it interesting how each story with a zombie apocalypse changes up the story and the capabilities of the zombies. World War Z made the zombies so creepy because of the sheer number of zombies that the world faces. Also, a couple of close ups of people getting eaten and the faces of the zombies you do feel a little bit of horror. This movie isn't that scary and isn't the gory, for me anyway. I liked seeing Brad Pitt on the screen again. He is still, to me , a good actor and I liked that he hasn't changed except for his face. He looks a lot older but he is still good in action movies. I liked the plot and absolutely loved the ending. It didn't end with a problem solved yet it ended with hope, and I felt that it made the movie not as cheesy. Give it a try if you're a zombie fan or sick of same old zombie movies, and if you're a Brad Pitt fan. Overall 4 stars.

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