Hunger Games Movie

This is really late compared to when the movie already came out. I had already read the book and that probably was a mistake. I am almost always disappointed when I read a book and watch the movie. The Hunger Games wasn't an exception. It lacked a lot of the suspense and horror that was in the book. Also, a the actual hunger games was supposed to last weeks, but in the movie it only lasted a couple days at most. They cut out many major parts that I thought were important. The dogs were supposed to have the eyes of the dead tributes and were supposed to be more then 2 dogs. Also, Cato's torture was supposed to last about four days by itself. Rue's death was not as sad as I wanted and was waiting for something better. The biggest thing for me was that Peeta's leg didn't come off when the dog had bit him. This just stood out for me and I don't understand why, but I was waiting for something that was actually really good. Other than that, the action was there, and I was happy that the cave scene was so short. I really did like all the actors and the acting, especially Jennifer Lawrence. She's always a good actor. The arena was really well done and if I hadn't read the book first I would have loved the movie. In all I would give the movie a 3 stars.

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