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This is also pretty late and I've been too busy to post anything. I watched Catching Fire the day after it came out, and it was really worth it. Although stuff was omitted from the book, they still kept the important parts and the trailer didn't spoil anything ahead of time. The director and writers for this did a much better job with this movie. The acting was great in this and I was happy to see Sam Clafin because he was in Pirates of the Caribbean. The did change up a lot of stuff but it added to the interest of the movie. I was disappointed at the deaths because they didn't meet my standards, especially Mag's death. It was too quick and if they had gone a little longer, all four of them could have made it past the borders. Also, Finnick's mourning time was not as emotional as I was hoping for. The only death that was done properly for me was Cinna's The animals like the jabberjays and baboons were amazing and much better than the animals in the first movie. The clock theme was all done very well and I was impressed at what they had done. Catching Fire, in my opinion, is 4 stars, only because I didn't like how Mag's death turned. other than that it was great.

Catching Fire Trailer:

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