A Killer First Date (Drake Chronicles #3.5)

A Killer First Date  (Drake Chronicles #3.5) A Killer First Date Summary:
Nicholas and Lucy have known each other for most of their lives, but now that they've finally admitted their feelings for each other, Nicholas wants to take her on their official first date-away from all the life-and-death drama that has surrounded them lately. Is it too much to ask for just a fun double date at the local carnival with his older brother, Quinn, and Quinn's new girlfriend, Hunter?

A Killer First Date Review:
A e-novella in the Drake Chronicles, it takes place right after Out for Blood. The First official date for Lucy and Nicholas, Quinn and Hunter, everything is supposed is to be peaceful going to a simple carnival. Unfortunately for them vampires will never leave them. A small action packed, romance filled short story. Fit into the Drake Chronicles. It was a nice side trip away from the doom and gloom of the series as we got to just enjoy a few humor-filled scenes. Wonderful as always!

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