Illusion(Chronicles of Nick #5)

Illusion (Chronicles of Nick, #5)Illusion (Chronicles of Nick, #5)Illusion Summary:
Be careful what you wish for… You just might get it. Nick Gautier is tired of his destiny. He doesn’t want to be the son of a demon who’s fated to end the world. Nor does he want to see another demon or other preternatural creature who wants to kill or enslave him. He just wants to be normal and have normal problems like everyone else. But normality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When he gets sucked into an alternate reality where his mother has married his mentor and his Atlantean god best friend has become a human geek, he begins to understand that no life is free of pain, and that every person has a specific place in the universe… Even the son of a hated demon. Most of all, he sees that his powers aren’t the curse he thought they were, and that the world needs a champion, especially one its enemies can’t imagine rising up to defend the ones he should destroy. Old enemies and new friends square off for a major battle that will either restore Nick to his real world, or end him forever.

Illusion Review
Traveling back in time we get to see how Nick's life would be if he came from a wealthy family, was a couple of inches shorter and a mouse compared to his attitude back in his own dimension. The opening was hilarious with Nick trying to figure out what the heck is going on and how he can get back to his home. Friends becomes foes, vice versa and we see Ash have a spectacular relationship with Artemis. All DH know how impossible that is!

Be careful what you wish for is the message throughout the whole book. Nick always wished he could have a normal life, but as can be seen throughout the book normal isn't what it is made out to be. It had a Dorthy and the Wizard of Oz feel because he has to get back home with some very interesting friends and foes along the way. It teaches us the important of relationships and to not take anything for granted because it can be taken away from you in an instant. And Nick learns an important lesson about accepting yourself to get back home. It was heartwarming to see the ways the characters interact with each other and even to see Adaraian being redeemed. You might wonder how is that even possible?! While it not in the normal sense, he does help Nick the best way he can from his grave. He hasn't redeemed himself by any means but he did become better in my eyes.

We FINALLY get to learn who Nekoda is and who she is protecting! We figure out what drove Nick to make choices and a little about Cherise. We learn a lot more about Caleb's relationships including with his wife and we get to see Nick as the Malachai (not fully)! It was back on with the epic action and we get a lot of close calls.

With a new array of characters and a whole set of questions unanswered, the next book is going to be epic!!

Overall 5 stars!

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