The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I'll try to keep this short. OH MY GOD!!! THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I loves it way way better than the first movie, cause this one had way more action and plot then the other movie. I HUGE fan of this and I wasn't much, better after this I love this. I already read the book and need to read the Silmarilion because the movie is also based on this because of the necromancer. The book was good but this was just plain awesome. The action was there from every perspective.

You see people LEGOLAS, BARD, TAURIEL and of course THE NECROMANCER. I can't believe what just happened through that movie. One of the bets parts of this movie was SMAUG!! He's got a voice and plays such a big role in this. He is a very evil character but he is totally cool and you just find him so cool. You see him breathe fire which I was waiting for very eagerly. Also the barrel scene which was very funny to watch ad made my heart nearly stop because of my favourite characters and the battle scenes. Also the elves. My goodness they were in this whole thing. I was sooo happy. Legolas was so cool in this but he was very cold.

The movie did have some humor. When Legolas looking at a picture of young Gimli, Legolas comments on how ugly and wretched he is, but in the Lord of the Rings Legolas and Gimli become close, so that was funny. Another funny scene was in the barrel scene. Of course it was Bombur and I couldn't stop laughing at Bombur being Bombur in all his epicness. The scene was absolutely hilarious and everyone was dying during this part!!! The movie does deter form the book in some sections which I will not say. You watch the movie. Back to Legolas. If you watched the trailer, and if you have heard of this movie you should know this, Legolas has a bit of a crush on Tauriel. This adds to the movie and it becomes a little bigger. You don't have to be an action fan to watch this movie you can watch just the romance but that won't last that long. Legolas gets his own fight scene which was really awesome because he's one of my two FAVOURITE characters. He is still as epic as in the Lord of Rings trilogy.

Next elf, Tauriel. She was never really mentioned in any book including the Silmarilion, but she is major character in this movie. She is really Kick-ass which I find refreshing because girl's never seem to have many fight scenes and are always portrayed as weaker than men. Also she plays a role in the romance, but I feel sorry if she does go deeper in the romance, if you read the book you would understand what and who I'm talking about. The graphics were AMAZING in this movie. I watched the Lord of the Rings and compared the graphics, and the hobbit beats it, but there were parts that you could tell were fake. Overall, the movie was amazing. I really want to see it again, but I'm broke right now. I really recommend you to watch this even if you didn't like the book or you think this is a geeky book. WATCH THE MOVIE YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

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