Only Pleasure: Part 2 (Broken Hearted #10)

Only Pleasure: Part 2Only Pleasure: Part 2 Summary:
Kia is a dream Chase has not allowed himself to entertain. Now that he has her, it's her heart he's after and he's determined to win it, no matter the cost. And even though they both agreed that it would only be for pleasure, a feeling deeper than all-consuming lust and illicit pleasure has taken hold of them.

Only Pleasure: Part 2 Review: 
This series (just these three books) is getting better. Chase and Kia are developing as separate characters alongside their romance. We are also moving away from the ménage scenes so we can see the emotional and sexual relationship between the two. The plot is thickening with the unanswered question of who is trying to hurt Kia.

Chase is going through a turning point. He no longer sees the relationship with Kia as safe. His feelings are playing a significant role in his emotional turmoil. Chase is afraid of how much he needs Kia and if she feels the same for him.

Kia on the other hand, is becoming much more independent. She is no longer the doormat from before; gaining an inner strength that comes from moving on from her past. Kia keeps a strong face against any harrowing events and goes after what she wants.

Overall, this book is a 4.5 star read. The plot, characters and romance are developing faster to create an interesting story. Only Pleasure: Part Two is a great read that I recommend for fans of romance and erotica to read.

Thank you to Lora Leigh for providing and ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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