Only Pleasure: Part 1 (Broken Hearted #10)

Only Pleasure: Part 1Only Pleasure: Part 1 Summary:
Since Chase Falladay came to her rescue two years ago, Kia Stanton has never been able to forget the powerful man or the kind of life he leads. So two years later when she runs into Chase and his friend, Khalid, and leaves with them that night, she knows exactly where it is all heading. However, little prepares her for the smoldering pleasure she feels in the arms of two men. After years of holding back, Kia is finally able to find freedom...as Chase and Khalid possess her body with forbidden sensations...

Only Pleasure: Part 1 Review:
This book was good compared to the last book, Wicked Pleasures with the plot, characters and romance being much more developed. The main bad part of this novel is that it is divided into three parts. It ends off in an odd place that would have been much better had it just been continued.

Part One starts the sexual relationship between Kia and Chase that does get a little bit tedious because there is only so much sex you can handle before you want something more. It also let's us see more of Khalid, who is a character I definitely want to see more of.

The plot was suspenseful and dramatic, or as much as it can happen in such a short story. With Kia being stalked by her Ex-Husband plus Chase and Kia wondering whether they should pursue a deeper relationship, the story is very interesting.

The one thing that would have been nice is if we got a little bit more background on Kia and Chase's previous relationship. It would have helped a lot of understand where any potential relationship between the two can go.

Overall, this book is 3.5 start read. I will be posting a full review once I have read all parts of Only Pleasure

Thank you to Lora Leigh for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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