For Maggie's Sake (Tempting Seals #3)

For Maggie's Sake Summary:
Maggie Chavez is in protective custody with a member of her former lover's SEAL team. Joe, her ex-lover, thinks Maggie is hiding information from him about a powerful drug lord and the deaths of some SEALs. He intends to seduce her and get the information before she can sell it back to the drug cartel. But the desire crackles between them and their attraction is undeniable. How can Joe use her and leave her, when all he wants is to hold her close and never let go?

For Maggie's Sake Review: 
After Elle Kennedy's Out of Uniform series I wanted to try some more with Military heroes and heroines. For Maggie's Sake was my first book and it wasn't until I started reading this book that I realized it was the third book in Tempting Seals.

Lora Leigh's books are a hit or miss for me. This one was a miss, unfortunately. The romance was kinda there but the premise and plot was mind-boggling, and not in a good way. This book is erotic romance so you have to expect a very strong sexual aspect but there should be a development in the romance. Unfortunately, There was too much of the same sex that was enjoyable in the beginning but it tends to get repetitive if not done right. For Maggie's Sake was not done right. This was also because the sex was overshadowing much of the romance's development.

The characters came off as 2D sometimes. Some of them were quite interesting but unfortunately were just side characters. The main characters were the cliché romance hero and heroine, not something spectacular to read about. The hero will wait forever for the heroine no matter her circumstances while the heroine never loved her husband even though she married him. Now lots of stories do the waiting for the right match story line but not when it is kinda impossible for the two to get together. And it was cheesy.

Also Electric Penis??

Overall, this book a 1 star read. It was cheesy and cliché , the plot was not captivating, the writing was awkward and the story was too short for any actual development. I will say this though; I will be reading the previous two books to get a better understand of For Maggie's Sake. Maybe that will change my rating.

Thank you to Lora Leigh for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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