Into Aether (The Trinity Key, #1)

Into Aether (The Trinity Key, #1)Into Aether Summary:
Colorado teen Theodora (Theo) will do anything to find her missing mom, including travel into the hidden and mysterious Victorian subculture of Aether. She takes a ride with airship pirates to a floating island full of strange automatons and even stranger people.

After a century-old feud reignites, she uncovers the alarming truth about her family's past. Finding her mother is more important than ever.

Into Aether Review:
Into Aether is an interesting first book in a new magical series. It wasn’t a spectacular read but that is to be expected in the first book of a series because we need to get introduced to all the characters and world. It was pretty good, with the captivating premise that with the right world building could become a spectacular book in the second book.

The characters were an interesting mix that contrasted each other and were different then I had read before. Characters like Auntie Grace or her boyfriend really were unique and made the book feel different. Theo was a strong character because she took her life into her own to find her mother and complete the journey. The only thing I could say was irritating about her is the fact that she seems so similar to a lot of other YA heroines. Maybe the next book will change that. 

The plot from the very beginning is fast paced with the first line being "Mom, where are you?". From there Theo is constantly facing action, suspense and a really fantastic adventure. There was one problem with the insta-love but that is to be expected from a YA book. Other than that, the world that was created by Fry is amazing. I can't wait to dive back into it in the next book!

Overall, this book is a 3.5 star read. It was a little rough with the love story but the book has promise that I hope happens in the next book. If you like YA books or the setting for the book then this is definitely a book you should try out.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing this book in exchange for an honest review! 

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