Dirty Little Lies (Men of Summer #3)

Dirty Little LiesDirty Little Lies Summary:

Zack Richards knows he’s asking for trouble. Trying to protect a member of the notorious Maddox family could get a man killed—even a battle-scarred, muscle-ripped alpha like Zack. But the woman who has captured his wildest fantasies is nothing like the rest of her power-hungry clan. She’s innocent, beautiful, and has quickly become the one shining light in his dark, desperate world. The only woman worth fighting for…and dying for…


Her name is Grace Maddox—and everybody knows that she is a marked woman. Targeted for her family’s sins and hunted like a wild animal, Grace has no choice but to accept Zack’s protection. In his arms, she finally feels safe. In his eyes, she sees an insatiable desire that mirrors her own. But the truth is dangerous—and could end up tearing them apart. Will surrendering to Zack end up being the biggest mistake of Grace’s life?

Dirty Little Lies Review:
This book was a fast paced and interesting read. It had all the makings of a great series with a first book that grabbed your interest and curiosity. The whole book was enjoyable but looking back at it, you start nitpick some of the problems with it. Saying that the character didn’t have as many problems that are typical in Adult Romance, the plot was interesting and the book was very fast-paced.

It was nice to see that Grace does not want others to save her. She understands what her life means and knows her limits but won’t let other control what she can do. Even if she can’t fight, she won’t be the damsel and let others, even if they are physically stronger than her, tell her what she has to do to be safe. The only fault with her is that she doesn’t fully realize the danger she is in. She constantly fails to protect herself and her others but she doesn’t want to put anyone else in danger. It leads her to be in denial when trouble arises. Other than that she proved to be a strong heroine that didn’t break under the pressure, just a tad too much on the naïve side.

"She stared back at him resolutely. 'It was good, Zack,' she surprised him a second later. 'It was real damned good, and I'm sure it can get better.' And not once did she bat an eyelash. 'And I'm sure I'd promise you anything you want once you started touching me, just to have it again. but don't doubt, I'll lie straight to your face and once I'm out of this bed, I'm going to do exactly what I want to do, and exactly what my job entails I do. consider that before you try to use sex to control me. The control lasts only while we're in the bed.'"

Zach was another intriguing character. He started and ended the book really well, but it seemed he lost his footing in between. He turned from this calm, rational alpha male into a domineering, sex-addicted one. Every time there was a conversation needed, he used sex to get her mind of topic. It left her in the dark and unable to make decisions that could help save her life. Closer to the end, when all the secrets were coming out, he was still protective but let Grace call more of the shots. He turned much more loving and less authoritative.

"'Are they ever going to leave?' she whispered, suddenly terrified they wouldn't.
'I love you, Grace.' There was an air of desperation in his voice amid the comedy. 'I love you so much.'
'You can't kill family, Zack.' It wasn't the first time she'd told him that in the past three days.
'I love you, Grace...'
'I love you, Zack,' she promised. 'But trust me, there're laws against it.'
'Justifiable homicide,' he muttered at the sound of Clyde bellowing up the stairs again about steaks and seasons. 'Really justifiable.'
'Don't kill him, Zack,' she giggled, then winced at the tug of pain in her ribs.
'Why shouldn't I?' he growled.
She smiled, "Be nice and when I'm all better, I'll show you why you shouldn’t.'...
'Many times?'

The action was incredibly fast paced, as I have said before. From the moment the book starts off amazing. We are thrown into this world with the initial attack against Grace. From there we meet suspicious family members, surprising acts of violence against Grace, moments of love and a bunch of action. It was really great to meet the main guys. Sawyer, Deacon, Cord, Jazz, Kenni, Slade and a bunch of others. They really brought up the humor and enjoyment of this book. I will be glad to read more of their stories as they are a very interesting bunch. Sawyer and Deacon especially because those two are definitely are my favorite.

"'And I know the signs of a man that's just as hot for some woman. That boy's been known to leave a gathering within an hour to of your arrival simply because of one us had to punch him in the gut for the way he looked at you.'
She was shocked. She'd had no idea her cousins ever did such a thing. 'Why would you do something so idiotic?' she asked in disgust.
Sawyer rolled his dark green eyes in amusement. 'Sweet cousin, every man you've went out with has gotten a punch in the gut and a warning not to play with you. Hell it's the only way to keep men like that in control. If they really liked you, they would have come back.'
Where the hell had they gotten that idea? She could only star at them in disbelief, amazed that they had come up with something so infantile."

The only thing that I would really change about this is the introduction that the side characters got. For most of the book I was lost about who was related to who and who was on the right side. Also, it didn’t help that I hadn’t read the books before this Loving Lies and Wicked Lies because I thought this was the first book in this series as it was originally said to be.

Overall, this is a really good book and a four star read. I enjoyed the story and the mystery that came along. I definitely was not expecting who was the co-conspirators and murderers were. As I continued to read this story I found little problems here and there, but the story continued to flow seamlessly and was still very enjoyable.

Thank you to Lora Leigh for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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