Paper-Clip Chandelier: Step Three

Step Three: Finishing Touches

  1. There are many ways to decorate your chandelier, and you will find the best way by experimenting with the paperclips. Below I'll show you three things that I tried.
  2. I created chains that were fourteen paperclips long. One end was connected to the top ring and the end was connected to the last ring.
  3. Adding a paperclip to the end of the last two rings wherever a paperclip intersected with a wire. This was to give me a spot to glue on gems. I had a total of eight paperclips per ring and each was hot glued to a gem. Be careful when hot gluing. The hot glue may come into contact with your fingers when you push the gem and clip together.
  4. On the inside I created 5 strings made up of 5 clips each. This made them fall halfway down the chandelier. From there I glued on a gem to each on to give the chandelier an inner glow. You may want to glue the gem first and then connect the string to the top wire.
  5. Creating a hanging string of five clips and making two of them. I connected them through hot glue to an aluminum foil plate. With metallic covered plasticine and candles, I placed them in the center of the foil. When turned on it gave the chandelier an actual light. This works better when the chandelier has a more thicker exterior. The handing chandelier would be better with this.

Hanging Stripes:


I hope this image is clearer:

For more steps and ideas you can look at this tutorial which has better pictures. This may be more useful for people with wreath kits, instead of metal wiring: Click Here

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