Paper-Clip Chandelier: Step Two

Step Two: Laying out the Structure:

First, you have to choose the size of your rings. This will be based on your design. For this example, I'm picking the original design. You need three shapes of metal wiring. *This is only for three sections*

  • If you want to make a large chandelier, you can buy wreath arrangement kits. Those circles will help to make a solid structure.
  • If you want to take it easy on your first one, cut out your own metal wiring. Start by cutting a circle. From here cut a circle almost double in length and one that is SLIGHTLY smaller than the first. It has to be slightly otherwise there will be crowding. To finish the circle wrap the two ends around each other to make sure they don't split apart. If you find it easier, you can also use string to divide up the sections.
Need to remove all wreath segments

After this all the steps are the same after choosing rings.

Second, start making the basic framework for the chandelier. You will be forming triplets of paperclips that will eventually lead to a diamond shape. Make sure that the paperclips can stretch. Meaning, don't make it overcrowded. You will have to experiment here to figure out what works best.
  • If you are using the wreaths, you might need about 50 paperclip triplets.
  • If you care doing the wiring (approximately 30cm) you could need about 10-15 triplets

Third, start connecting the paperclips, adding in more to create a diamond pattern. This will be your basic framework. At this point, you MUST hang your chandelier. Otherwise your paperclips will get tangled and you won't be able ton connect them very easily.

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