Sound and Fury (Drake Chronicles #5.5)

Sound and Fury (Drake Chronicles, #5.5) Sound and Fury Summary:
Sound is a short story and an e-novella, but it can also be found on the back of Blood Prophecy. It is told by Duncan Drake and Sky. They are both vampires and they meet at the blood camp.This book takes place right after Solange is made Queen of the vampires,and the Drake family is escaping.

Sky has had her eye on Duncan Drake throughout the Blood Moon gathering. So when they find themselves isolated in the woods and attacked by the three Furies, she's in danger of losing more than her life - her heart is at stake...

Sound and Fury Review:
This book was really short, only 30 pages, so I felt that there could have been more of a story to it. Overall the book was good, and I liked Alyxandra added another character to the book that wasn't the most important character to the whole series and to the whole plot line. She`s a whole new character actually but she does make an appearance in Blood Prophecy. Also we got to see the thoughts of another Drake who doesn't make that many appearances. I would have liked this book to have a cover but since it`s on the back of Blood Prophecy it doesn't get one. This book like the others had action and romance in it, but it was a good mixture and balanced each other out. This gives you an idea of what happened to the furies which was interesting and you saw Duncan`s personality, more than just being really quite and a mechanic geek.Good book, unfortunately it is most likely the last short story unless Harvey can get a Lucy Spin Off! Fingers crossed.

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