Lost Girls (Drake Chronicles #0.5)

Lost Girls (Drake Chronicles, #0.5)Lost Girls Summary:
Helena is in a group of rag tag girls called the Lost Girls. This way she knows about vampires and she knows about Liam Drake, and Helena has a grudge against Liam, but still has feelings for him. If this sin`t hard enough, girls are getting kidnapped on the streets. Will Helena and Liam work together to stop this before Helena gets the same fate.

Lost Girl Review:
I found this book interesting. It was set in a different time all together and I found it fun because I felt like I could tell the future mainly because this book came with the fourth book in the series. This book was interesting because I felt it was a lot more violent and mature than the other books. You can really see where Solange and her brothers got their attitudes from and a whole new side to Lady Natasha. It's got good humor in this and doesn't annoy you with it's too strong and stubborn characters. This book is very small but it has enough detail to get a good idea of this book. This was told only in Helena`s POV. It gives you an inside on Helena and how her life was before and then you compare it to after in the other books.It was actually pretty interesting to see how Violet Hill was back in the day and how the whole series started. Nothing would have happened without the help of Helena and Liam! Another wonderful short story and really insightful just like Corsets and Crossbows.

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