The Billionaire's Intern (Billionaire Fairy Tales #3)

The Billionaire's Intern Summary:
Lorenzo De Santis: Ruthless. Driven. Ambitious.
Lorenzo De Santis is the boss. He’s an uncompromising hardass, he doesn’t suffer fools, and he doesn’t have time to deal with witless young interns. But when an old friend asks for a favor, Lorenzo can’t refuse. Even if it means taking on the man’s daughter as a project.

Kira Constantin: Rich. Party girl…Spy.
Kira Constantin feels like she has been half-alive since that one night of partying ended in tragedy. So when her father demands that she go undercover at De Santis Corp as a spy, there’s no way she can refuse. She must redeem herself, even if that means dealing with a boss like of Lorenzo De Santis.

Except neither of them counts on the forbidden heat that flares between them. As Kira and Lorenzo draw closer, spying on him becomes harder and harder. And then Kira discovers that the real villain might be closer to her than she thinks…

The Billionaire's Intern Review:
After reading The Dangerous Billionaire and not being pleased with the writing, I was hesitant to read The Billionaire's Intern. I was happily surprised to find the book had more likeable characters, and an plot that created an interesting book.

As individuals both Lorenzo and Kira were complex characters. Kira's ADHD is a condition that I can relate to, which made her development throughout the novel much more exciting. It also had me rooting behind her to find love with a person who would understand how to treat her right. And, her past is tragic, making the connection between her and Lorenzo stronger and more realistic.

Lorenzo, was an intriguing person to read about. Cold and a very strong alpha, it was difficult at times to read about him. With the history he has with relationships, it is easy to understand why he is so controlled with his emotions, but his dominance comes off as aggression at times. Especially during the first half of the book. It did level off by the end, allowing for a pleasing HEA.

The one reason that this HEA stood out to me was that Kira and Lorenzo recognized their love for each other not because one had a near death experience; instead it came because they were not willing to hide behind their emotions. It was satisfying to have a love story that was not a cliché.

Unfortunately, this book did have other faults. Kira's past was retold many times, creating some very repetitive thoughts, instead of additional character development. Furthermore, the ending built up for a very exciting finish, but feel a little flat. Luckily, the ending also revealed some information that has made me interested in the next book. Can’t go into much more detail, it would definitely be a spoiler.

Overall, this book is a 3.5 read. It had all the makings of a great story, but the romance felt a little to anti-climatic.

Thank you to Jackie Ashenden for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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