A Dance with Seduction (A Spy in the Ton, #1)

A Dance with Seduction (A Spy in the Ton, #1)A Dance with Seduction Summary:
She was the only code he couldn't break...

Vivienne Le Fleur is one of London’s most sought after opera dancer and one of England’s best weapons: the spy known as the Flower. When a French agent pressures her to change allegiance by abducting her sister, Vivienne is forced to seek the help of the only man in London who doesn’t want her.

Maximilian Westwood, retired code breaker, doesn't like surprises or mysteries and The Flower is both. When she sneaks into his study in the middle of the night with a coded message, he’s ready to push her out whatever window she arrived through. Except Maximilian is unable to turn away a woman in trouble. Determined to rescue Vivienne’s sister, they engage in a game of cat and mouse with French spies that requires all of Vivienne’s training and Maximilian’s abilities. Bound together by secrecy, they discover there is more between them than politics and hidden codes, but love has no place among the secrets of espionage...

A Dance with Seduction Review: 
A Dance of Seduction is a book that I enjoyed reading as a result of a phenomenal premise, with suspense, mystery and a good deal of romance. From the start, the book was realistic in regards to both characters and plot. These characteristics along with a refreshing new take on spies made A Dance of Seduction an excellent novel in comparison to other historical mysteries.

Both Vivienne and Maximillian, were fascinating characters to read about. Maximillian, not Max, was a government code-breaker, now a translator in eleven languages and a grumpy book-nerd. Definitely not a characteristic that comes about frequently in book characters. On top of that, he’s a beta hero, meaning that Maximillian never dominants his will over Vivienne. He does not treat her as a delicate flower; he recognizes that she is a survivor. On the other hand, he respects her enough to see through her façade and pushes Vivienne to free herself. Likewise, Maximillian does not make a move on her while she is supposed to be under the protection of another male, however there is still a significant amount of sexual tension.

Vivienne is another character that I came to respect throughout her journey in this book. While she does have trust issues concerning Maximillian, I was happy to see that she worked through it, allowing herself a change at love. Additionally, she was a strong heroine who puts the needs of her sister over her desire for a relationship, strengthening her character. This struggle between the two along with the obstacles Vivienne has to overcome led to a very powerful romance.

Overall, A Dance of Seduction is a 3.5 star read! The beginning of the story was a little slow, but when the plot picked up, it turned into a fantastic romance. The writing drew me, and the plot kept me captivated as they attempt to save Anne and defeat the Vulture. I highly recommend this book to anyone who would enjoy a historical spy novel and will definitely be reading the previous books in the series!

Thank you to Alyssa Alexander and Netgalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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