Through the Lens (Through the Lens #1)

Through the Lens (Through the Lens, #1)Through the Lens Summary: 
Being a twin isn’t all that bad, nor is it all that good. Being the fat twin makes things a little worse. Seventeen year old, Jessa Shelby has been all but ignored. Trimmed down, but not skinny like her sister, she has decided to make her mark in her final year in high school.

Things begin anew the summer before her senior year when she meets Ethan Hart, a super hot boy with a twisted past. Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend. Relegated to friend status with Ethan, she turns her eyes on football jock, Josh Macon, whose crush worthy too. No longer the ‘fat girl’, Josh seems to be interested in her too.

Spending more and more time with Ethan causes unexpected complications and she finds herself falling for the wrong boy. Josh is sweet but wants more than she can give. His warning about Ethan’s past may have come too late. And gasping for air with a noose around her neck, she has to wonder if trust came at a very high price.

Through the Lens Review: 
Through the Lens is the type of read that I would love because it is of a woman standing up for herself and finding her own identity. This part was spectacular and I loved every moment of it. Unfortunately, it was overshadowed by the mystery aspect and the constant grammar mistakes didn’t help either.

The mystery itself was really interesting. With one of Ethan’s friends disappearing, the suspense of Jessa trying to solve this had all the ingredients for a good mystery. If this story had had just a bit more detail, then it could have been its own book. Since it was part of Through the Lens it should have not been so prominent because as this was happening, the love story was also developing. Neither story got the attention they deserved which left the book feeling a little lackluster.

The romance part was spectacular. I am officially a die hard romance fan so I love when two people who couldn’t be more different found each other and themselves. Ethan and Jessa faced many obstacles, the biggest being the mystery, and still came to each other.

The characters were amazing because they had the depth of real people. They reacted as ordinary people and had problems that we could relate to. I loved Jessa especially because of her backstory and how she handled her new life and love.

Even with all these good qualities, the biggest drawback of this novel is the grammar. This isn’t an ARC, which may have grammar mistakes because it isn’t the final draft. This is the final copy which means that there should be missing words, punctuation or improper usage of words. It does take away from the story but if you can overlook all that the is quite enjoyable.

Overall, Through the Lens is a three star read. The story and romance was captivating but the grammar and the overbearing mystery story line made it into a bit of a disappointment. I do recommend this book as many did enjoy it.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing this book in exchange for an honest review!

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