RememberRemember Summary:
When sixteen year old Charlize finds herself unmistakably lost in the forest with no memory how she got there, it was easy for her to assume the angel face boy who saves her was there to. But little did she know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

With a brush of death, she finds new reasons to live after the unexplained death of her father. Her only regret in last three years was letting the one boy she could have loved get away.

Plunged into a world not of her making, there are those that will hunt her, a foe that calls her Little Queen, and her torn heart. Most of all, she will have to remember and face her memories if she is to survive.
Remember Review: 
Remember turned out to be worse than Through the Lens. While the plot and story was there for Through the Lens, it was clearly missing from Remember. Through 80% of the story we are dragged along as Charlize tries to find out what is happening to her. The next 20% is a bucket load of information that is dumped on us, adding to the confusion. The romance was irritating and the character development was almost non-existent.

I get the Charlize woke up with amnesia, but the lack of emotion throughout this story plus not knowing what is supposed to be happening dragged out what should have been a quick read. On top of that we have a love triangle with two guys were not more ill suited towards her. One was the mysterious bad boy, but came off weak and moody. Then there was the childhood friend that was secretly in love with her, who could not figure out who to love. And their version of love was downright cheesy and hard to get over.

Charlize was not much better. She is a beautiful 17 year old girl who, obviously doesn’t realize that she is so attractive to others. She can’t understand why so many guys are suddenly falling in love with her. I could understand that she’s shy and all, but this type of characterization is overdone and boring in the YA genre. It was not used well in this book. This lead to a lot of eye rolling moments.

The one really good think about this book is the paranormal aspect of it which doesn’t show up until the 80% mark. We are introduced to vampires, shifters, Nephilim, angels which made everything much more interesting. It would have been nice for that part to be elaborated on so the book could actually be Paranormal YA. Also, there was the prophecy that came close to the end which really shouldn’t have been part of this book. It was just there to set up a sequel because the ending was so rushed.

Overall, this book is 1.5 star read. The plot was too fast or too slow, the romance was annoying, the characters were unrelatable, but the premise was interesting.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing this book in exchange for an honest review!

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