Wicked Pleasures: Part Two (Bound Hearts #9)

Wicked Pleasure: Part 2Wicked Pleasures: Part Two Summary:
Chase and Cam are tired of waiting for Jaci to admit that she craves the pleasure the two men can give her more than breath itself. But gossip and the tattered tales of juicy secrets fill the society she now moves within, and her scorching relationship with two men only adds fuel to the fire. But Jaci needs to give into the heat of Chase and Cam, and let the fire within her explode...

Wicked Pleasures: Part Two Review:
Warning: This is going to turn into a rant very quickly and I use sex (the word) a lot.

This book is slightly better than the first, and I emphasize slightly. Reading this book, I realize that my previous rating was too high and will change it to a two-star rating. This book was almost an exact copy of the last part with some more dialogue, sex and emotions. We do get to see a bit more development with their secrets, but it's so marginally it shouldn't even be considered. On top of that, both characters attempt to show their dominance in a "war" that is pathetic and looks like it's about two horny teenagers.

The author attempts to show some depth or characterization to Jaci and Cam. You can see the improvement from the last book because the characters are talking more and we do see their secrets. Unfortunately, we are still not progressing easily through the plot. It was a long read, for me, even though it is a short passage from Wicked Pleasures.

Jaci stayed pretty much the same. She continued to say that she was strong and would stand up for herself. It was repeated over and over like she was trying to make herself believe it. She proved she weak yet again. Every other chapter she would fall to her desires and fall back into Cam's arms. She has no back bone. This is an example. She tries to show that she can't be seduced, then two chapters later she is naked with them.

"'Trying' being the operative word not in the mood to be seduced".

then says...

"let's get wet and wild," she whispered. " Come on, Cam, play in the rain with me."

She definitely shows how to have some backbone when dealing with others. One could say that because she confronted/ pushed him, she's taking control, but she said she doesn't want to sleep with him. She feels hurt every time he doesn't cuddle with her after sex. Jaci knows that he won't do it yet willingly sleeps with him and then has the audacity to complain the he won't stay. Also, she obviously thinks she is a goddess because she wants to know Cam's secret yet won't tell him her secret. Clearly she doesn't realize that both parties have to trust each other for it to work. Her only redeeming quality her "plan" for the Roberts. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little curious about it.

Cam still leaves me with a feeling of indifference. Like Jaci he wallowed in his past. He did have a bad past, I'm not saying it was easy and he's just being whiny about. It was serious and horrible but the description lacked emotion. It was just that. A description. As if that is adequate enough to descriptive what he went through. He knows what's wrong and instead of trying to heal himself he throws himself into bad situation after bad situation. And dares to complain about his hurt emotion, his remorse at leaving Jaci. By that time, we have come full circle to how Cam acted in the beginning. Knowing all of this, why did Chase never mention the option of going to therapy? At this point, Jaci can also guess what happened to him. Why did neither of them think to help instead of badgering him about what happened.

That brings me to my next point. Lora Leigh tries to show the emotional side of their relationship but fails miserably. The closest time she got to capturing the emotion was during the rain scene. It was sweet in the way she dragged him out of his comfort zone. As soon as we were getting somewhere, we see them having sex. There is too much physical stuff which pushes out anything emotional. Instead of talking and trying to understand the other person, they have sex. Also, the sex is redundant. It's the exact same scene copied three or four times with some changed up wording. That is why this part seems so similar to the Part One.

There were a couple things that saved this book. First, Chase. We don't get to see in his head too much. That means we see him care for his brother and Jaci, and none of it seems like whining or brooding. Next, were the "Club". I may not like what they do in there but I appreciate the protectiveness they have for each other. It is clearly evident in their interaction and Jaci is a fool to not trust them, especially if her best friend is a part of it. On top of that, two people she has known all her life, the Falladay Twins, Courtney's husband and others she trusts are part of it. It's astonishing how dense she can be at times. Finally, Courtney and Ian are a prize. They are both quick witted, funny and a joy to meet. I am thinking about reading their book to find out more about them.

Overall, this book is another two star read. It's not a very good book, but I am curious to see what happens in the end.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing this book in exchange for an honest review!

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