In A House Made of Bones and Teeth (The Lovegrove Legacy #3)

In A House Made of Bones and Teeth (The Lovegrove Legacy #3)In A House Made of Bones and Teeth Summary:
London is under attack.

Can Emma, Gretchen, Penelope find their way back to each other in order to defeat the Seven Sisters once and for all?

In A House Made of Bones and Teeth Review:
I just looked at the excerpt so this review is going to be REALLY short!

The excerpt itself is incredibly short and that's saying something because the book itself is a novel, therefore very short. The excerpt was cute. There was tons of action for such a small section but we are left on a cliffhanger so that's bad. I'm sad that Godric is dead! I have a knack for finding a favorite character that ends up dying. It was really nice to revisit these old characters, and honestly it's been so long since Whisper the Dead so I kind of forgot some of the characters. Thankfully, this was a great way to recap on what has happened.

I'm kinda angry that Harvey didn't get to finish her series because it is really good and deserved to be finished. On the other hand, I understand that this is a competitive business, I just wish she got to finish her story first. Anyways, really great book, five star rating, and I hope to finish the rest of the book soon!

Told ya this was going to be short :)

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