The Longest Night(Drake Chronicles #6.5)

 The Longest Night (Drake Chronicles, #6.5)
The Longest Night Summary:Since the Blood Moon battle six years ago, Lucy, and her hot vampire boyfriend Nicholas Drake, have kept the peace between the vampires of Violet Hill and the Helios-Ra hunters. But breaking up fights between rogue hunter Aggie and irresistible rebel Callahan is proving a big challenge; Aggie just can’t accept that behind Cal’s burning blue eyes, he is in control of his bloodlust. As Lucy’s best friend and Nicholas’s sister, Solange, return home for the group’s Winter Solstice celebrations, Aggie struggles to admit the real reason she finds Cal a threat – and risks far more than her heart . . .

The Longest Night Review:
After saying she would not write another book, Alyxandra wrote another one for the series. Although the book was so short, it was still action packed and a wonderful installment to the Drake Chronicles. Although, I did like Cal and Aggie, I preferred seeing Solange, Nick and all the others. Also, Hunter and Quinn are engaged after years of dating. I was sad that more of the other brothers weren't mentioned much or any of the adults. I honestly loved this book and was happy that this book was created. I am really hoping for a Lucy series now. Five stars once again.

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