Field Guide to Vampires(Drake Chronicles #1.5)

A Field Guide to Vampires: Annotated by Lucy Hamilton (Drake Chronicles, #4.5)
A Field Guide To Vampires Summary:
Every new recruit to the Helios-Ra Society is issued this guidebook, with secrets to the inner workings of the League the vampires they are hunting. But when new recruit Lucy Hamilton gets her hands on a copy, she can’t contain her inner snark-especially because she has first-hand knowledge of the various vampire societies that sometimes contradicts the conventional wisdom of her new academy.

A Field Guide To Vampires Review:
What a quirky little book. It could have been a novel actually with just a couple more pages. It was absolutely hilarious and definitely made my mood much brighter. It was already fun with just the handbook but with Lucy's comments in there as well. it was too funny. I really think it was one if the better books in the series. Definitely a five star!

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