Instinct(Chronicles of Nick #6)

Instinct (Chronicles of Nick, #6)Instinct Summary:
Zombies, demons, vampires, shapeshifters— another day in the life of Nick Gautier– and those are just his friends. But now that he’s accepted the demon that lives inside him, he must learn to control it and temper the very emotions that threaten the lives of everyone he cares for. Something that’s hard to do while trying to stay off the menus of those who want his head on a platter. And no one wants him more than the dark gods who created his race. Now that they know where he is, they will stop at nothing to reclaim him. And without knowing it, Nick has just embraced the one person he should never have trusted. The one person who will hand him over to his enemies to get back the life they lost.

Nick has finally accepted his fate, now he must learn to defy his destiny, and the dark, deadly forces that will stop at nothing to destroy everyone he loves so that they can again return to the world of man and own it.

Instinct Review:
Instinct was a BOMB of a book!! It revealed so much for so many different characters. We yet again, meet a whole array of new characters and it's kinda weird to see how closely related creatures are to each other. More about that below. I'll explain all the revelations below as well, most of them at least because some you just have to discover for yourself. From the very beginning we see Nick being continuously weakened. Not due to his powers but because the people protecting him are disappearing, acting suspicious or because they are getting weakened themselves.

Nick has to face some very tough choices and force once in his life, he is making all the decisions that can kill his friends if he isn't careful. He also has to realize which friends are actually behind him and which are out to have him dead. Because of this, Nick has to go to crazy lengths to find a cure for demon sickness.

We are introduced to some new mythology that ties directly into the DH world, especially Night Embrace. We meet Nick's enemy (for now), his brother who we also know from DH, and he is trying to kill Nick to become the leader of the Armageddon. Finally we get to meet ALL of Nick's Generals that are going to help him win the war.

This book does travel slower than the previous because of the amount of time characters are talking and the action is jam packed in the last few chapters. This made sense to me because we needed a lot of revelations to happen, and this was the perfect way to happen. But because of this we didn't get to see a lot of characters. Caleb, Ash, Kyrian and others are hardly every see and we see a lot more of newer characters. Whether that is your cup of tea, this is a must read because of the amount information we learned

I'm going to quickly talk about the new revelations and links so that I can fangirl just a little bit ;)

1. Menyara is Cam (The source God) and she instigated the birth of Cherise. She made sure that Cherise would birth Nick to make him the son of Malachai and caused them to go into poverty to give Nick the best surviving chance
2. Xev and Caleb are brothers! I can't remember if this was discovered in the previous book but we learned that they have different mothers but are the son of Verlyn ( the source god)
3. Nick is the great-great thousand times great grandson of Braith(the Source God)
4. Dagon, a new charcater is the son of Noir and Hectate and this leads him to help Nick gets the Eye and Anake
5. Liv deserves to die!
6. Xev is the only one able to keep Noir and Azura locked in Azmodeus and he is the son of Azura
7. Rezar is Set, Braith is Apollymi

As we can see from above Caleb, Xev, Ash, Nick, Dagon, Nekoda are all related to each other because of their relation to the Source Gods


This book was absolutely amazing and I hope the next book is even better!! Overall 5 stars!

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